Locked from Twitter for a #LearnToCode Hashtag

I have been locked out of Twitter for a tweet which included the hashtag #LearnToCode.



I have appealed the locking of my account with the following.

I am appealing this suspension as follows.

I have been suspended for criticising a story in the Independent paper. I believe I was correct in pointing out that the Independent story of the 145 year old man was false. I gave a quick mathematical break down on why this must be so in a subsequent tweet. I do not believe I have threatened anyone but simply pointed out a problem with the story and a problem with journalists not doing due diligence in reporting. This is entirely proper.

So what was all the hubbub about? It concerned an article in The Independent newspaper about an Indonesian “145 year old” man. In a number of tweets I pointed out, using some maths, how this is just bollocks, that only one centenarian in 32 trillion centenarians would reach that age and that the sample size of centenarians is simply not large enough to allow for such extreme claims of longevity to be taken seriously, let alone by a paper the calibre of The Independent.

The death rate for centenarians falls off a cliff, roughly 1 in 2 in any 12 month period. 2^45 is approximately 32 trillion. I further pointed out that Indonesia had a life expectancy of 69 years, more than 10 years lower than most advanced countries like France, Spain, Japan and Canada, and yet these countries had failed to produce any centenarian older than 122. Indonesia was also the source of a claim for a 146 year old man in 2017. What are chances? What is more likely, 2 extraordinarily long lived centenarians in a country with public health statistics lagging the west (1 in 32 trillion^2), or some extraordinary exaggeration. We can apply Occams Razor here. I pointed out how fast the media is to accuse others of reporting “fake news” while they themselves fall for these fake news stories themselves.

So in 12 hours, starting from the Twitter phone verification process I can have my Twitter account back. The appeal however will takes “days”. For what? A likely disallowance of the appeal in any case? Probably but I will not say “Uncle”.

I had called journalists “credulous cretins” which may have been a bit strong but it would have been the hashtag #LearnToCode that would have flagged the tweet. Journalists take offence at being mocked by exactly what they told out of work coal miners to do. This is real snow flake territory and Twitter is happy to accommodate the outburst of the media, double standards and all. C’est la vie.



So many journalists. Each is different but yet each is a snowflake.


Least of all the media. Worse has been said of lawyers and politicians.