An Egg An Egg, My Life and Limb for an Egg

This post is based on some replies I made to a Twitter image posted by Iona Italia as below.


I replied as follows:


In follow up tweets I posted

A world where men lived in peace would create existential angst for
women, not knowing why they are feeling anxious would make up narratives
where men need to fight men. Thus was born hysterias like #MeToo and


What makes the most conscious man? Very few will wander away from the
shadows of the cave to surface above unconscious. Very few survive for
long outside. Only Hikikomoris, soshoku danshis, MGTOW monks, few monks
beside and some asexual males, derided for not competing for eggs.

followed by

Unhappy men. The #Incel who knows a little of the shadow unrealness of
the cave but not of the exit. The #PUA who sells snake oil to the
gullible and maybe to himself. The guilt peddling “confess your toxic
masculinity” priest. The “try, run, fight better” bust your gut coach.

and finally

These 4, the #Incel, #PUA, #Priest and #LifeCoach are like the dogs of
Hades charged with preventing your departure from the cave of the
unconscious and its shadows. If anger is your racket, the Incel steps
forward. If guilt is your racket, the Priest. And so on.

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My tweets said more than I realised but arose little interest. Iona replied “Put down the blunt”. Meaning what exactly? More banal off the cuff tweets and silly tweets of mine usually attract more engagement than those into which I put in some crafting. But that’s how the Twitterverse rolls.

For a great many men or perhaps most men their lot is not a happy one. There is a conflict between the ideal or even the perceived reality than actual reality. There may be unrealistic optimism greatly encouraged by our optimism preferred society or positive thinking culture as per Martin Seligman. The down side of the “think positive” culture is that failure to achieve desired goals must be your fault. This is fine if indeed outcomes are in your power but if your failure is in part due to circumstances beyond your control then your “positive thinking” is really a cruel joke or a human tragedy.

So what of the lot of men who are shamed for having access to women or fighting to gain access. First is the largely ignored reality of the 80/20 sexual marketplace. That is, 80% of women want 20% of men. In tinder 80% of men are judged as “under average”. This is mathematical nonsense. It would seem that many women settle for men they do not prefer in relationships and that may carry over into resentment that boils over later when some “final straw” is broken. An increasing number of men are incels. A knowledge of evolutionary psychology may benefit these men but that means being comfortable with some pessimism in life.

Into this come salesmen of 4 types I identified. The Incel who knows “life sucks” for him but little of its causes. A group of discontented incels can work themselves into an irrational fever. They sense all is not as they were taught but not why.

The PUA or pick up artist is the snake oil salesman who promises a quick fix but like the snake oil salesmen of the past he knows little of the disease he says he can cure. He does know how to monetise other men’s misery however. These are the “speed seduction” people, the suggestive lexicon and unconscious motivators salesmen. It rarely works but customers keep attending seminars and buying books. Roosh V is a prime PUA practitioner of this art form.

Next we the confessor. This type is common in media and pop psychology. This runs on from the “toxic masculinity” narrative whether bedded in natural inclination favoured by some biologists or the culturally generated school of “patriarchal privilege”. In either case there is a similarity to the “Doctrine of Original Sin”. The confessional priests includes both men and women. The ashamed toxic male in question must “check his privilege” and otherwise confess and atone for his sin.He must feel his feelings for the harm to women by him, other men and all down through the past. Then after being sold shame and guilt by the confessional priest the potion of “forgiveness” or “expressing his feelings” (only for her harms and not his own harms and hurts) he can become a male feminist. He may even become a feminist apologist and missionary. His transformation in something utterly undignified is complete.

The last kind is the “life coach” kind. This the try try try even harder and exhaust yourself until you succeed or fail or die failing. Educate yourself, work hard, work on yourself to make yourself the very best man any woman would want. The extreme example is sacrifice of the man for the woman, like working yourself into the grave. With each failure look to how you may do better and try again. Date again, marry again after your third divorce and third lot of child support payments and remortgaging your house. Jordan Peterson is a prime example of the “life coach”. This is disappointing for Peterson since he understands better than most statistics and talks about the future when women will not find as many “good men” (educated and earning at or above than themselves). He understands hypergamy.

Apart from these is the MGTOW (men going their own way) who process more knowledge than the above. He will will not be angry at all women for rejecting him or mistreating him because he is beyond that. He knows too much to sell snake oil to hapless men. He will not be shamed and emotionally blackmailed. He can also see through the “life coach” encouraging him to “try harder”, “work harder”, “be a ‘real man'”, “sacrifice yourself”. The MGTOW stands out like an apostate in the church of gynocentric society.

How to do sex safely

I am not what you might call a sexologist or a mammoth brains trust on the subject like masters and Johnson. I am not a Don Juan of enormous experience or a PUA (pick up artist) but I thought I would write a post about doing sex safely. First I will identify the hazards and then I will address the possible mitigation strategies for these. My sexual experience? That is the secret of Castle Rackrent.


The Game of Russian Roulette that is Sex

The Dangers

Paternity Fraud (fatherhood without consent)

Pregnancy and child support. Do you want to be a father? If you do not then a failure here will change your life or ruin it. Your life will be contingent on the needs of others and will not really be your own. Let me count the ways starting with marriage or child support with all the compromises which follow on from these. If you do not want this then take special care. Men have a right to control their fertility. Their bodies are their own. On this point never compromise.

So what are the options? Abstinence is the most rock solid of these but even this can be breeched. There are examples of unconscious men waking up in hospital after a period of being in a coma only to discover that they are fathers to the child of an abusive nurse and liable for child support. Legally consent to be a father is not a factor. If it’s yours you pay even if you were raped. This is rare but very scary. More common is the drunken man at a party who had no say and had his life ruined by child support payments and a legal system which cares nothing for male victims of female rape and a culture which will laugh at you if you complain. Sad but true.

That brings us to the second option being vasectomy. This can be considered to be the permanent option. It can be reversed sometimes but it should not be done with a view to having it reversed at a latter stage. This option is a good protection against stolen sperm of the sort described above.

Finally there are condoms as non permanent male contraception. In theory this option can be 100% effective but other factors can figure including breakage, incorrect fitting, prior tampering or post use disposal in the hands of someone else. Always use your own and refuse any offered by an interested female partner. Always dispose of your own condoms. Take personal responsibility for your own fertility.  Society would scream and shout if a man got a women pregnant through deceit but thinks it funny when the genders are flipped. Do not play Russian roulette with condoms. Even after all this condoms can fail to prevent pregnancy. This is always a risk.

Do not depend on your partner being on contraception. The stakes are too high. Russian roulette again.  It doesn’t matter how well you know the other party. It doesn’t matter even if they are your wife. If you don’t want to be a father YOU have to take responsibility to control your own fertility. If your partner wants a child and you do not then hold firm even if it results in a sex drought. In fact hold firm even if it results in a break up of the relationship. Your body, your choice. If your partner has that little respect for you as a human being then you are better off without them.”Man up”, “grow up”, “Peter Pan” and “don’t you love me” are all examples of emotional blackmail which no one needs. This is important. Think with your big head, not your little head.

That’s it for male contraception options. Men have been short changed in this area. Women have many more options.


Sexually transmitted diseases or infections (STIs), venereal diseases (VD). Humans are animals and animals have parasites and diseases.

An incomplete list includes the old favourites of gonorrhoea and syphilis. To this can be added chlamydia, herpes, hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, HPV, pubic lice and scabies.  Most of these are known by the general public. Gonorrhoea has developed some antibiotic resistant strains. Around 1% resist antibiotics. This is  in common with other bacteria adapting to an antibiotic environment. Obviously this is one STD you do not want to catch. Superbugs are not fun. Syphilis to date has not developed any antibiotic resistance and is still treated with penicillin.  Chlamydia is another bacterial disease and there is also some antibiotic resistance with some strains. HIV/AIDS is not as life threatening as once was the case but treatment requires a life time of  heavy dosages of seriously expensive regimes of drugs. Herpes is a virus with break out episodes. There are over 100 types of HPV of which 4 are associated with cervical, ovarian, anus and penis cancers in men and women. About 90% of infections are fought off but 10% of people will harbour the virus and pass it on without symptoms. In Australia high school students are offered vaccines against these 4 strains. Pubic lice are in danger of extinction due to what can be described as “loss of habitat” in our clean shaven times. Scabies are usually passed on sexually but can also be passed on non sexually. Treatment is via an application of unpleasant ointment over the whole body.

Exposure to STDs can be limited by physical barriers like condoms bearing in mind the risk of breakage. Condoms do not offer protection against HPVs since external skin contact is also a medium of infection for HPVs. Only vaccines will prevent HPV. About half of all sexually active people have had contact with HPV.

The second way to limit exposure is to limit the number of partners and to choose those partners with care. This also means watching your alcohol intake. Only YOU are responsible for how much alcohol you consume and only YOU can be responsible for your behaviour behaviour while inebriated. Feminists may claim that other people are responsible for the stupid behaviour of women while drunk but this is going out the door of reality backwards. “A woman shouldn’t have to worry about being taken advantage of when drunk. Men should know better” yadda yadda yadda. Where is King Canute when you need him? Entitlement Narcissism. This is an area where the claims of “equality” by feminists are shown up as false because men can not blame women for taking advantage of them while drunk and feminists are NOT campaigning about this at all. No, it is only women they wish to see treated like children. In truth if a woman is not responsible for her actions when drunk then she has a drinking problem.

Once again another option for the safety of men in respect of STDs is abstinence and this is sure to be the most effective.

False allegations

This is a problem that feminists pretend does not exist. Head in sand mode. It’s even worse than that. The wider society will not believe the denial of a man accused. It is a case of guilty until proven innocent. The pressure from feminists to make convictions of rape easier and to erode the protections of the accused. In America campuses have been enlisted to act as kangaroo courts to do these inquisition style witch trials under Title IX funding of tertiary institutions. There has developed the concept of “affirmative consent” and “continuing consent” where every second of a sex act requires the male to request permission to continue. This is nothing to do with safety and is everything to do with oppressive etiquette as I outlined in my blog post of that name.

What to do if you must. These are some suggestions from myself and others. Karen Straughan has suggested that the boy asks the girl to scream out at the top of her voice that she wants it. Some ideas of mine include only accepting consent on condition that the girl agrees to do something embarrassing like running around the block naked or illegal like vandalism or property damage or drug taking which is recorded on video and kept as insurance. The initial consent is on video along with her embarrassment or criminality and a few clicks away from social media. Another idea is that you have witnesses present chosen by her and you and the whole thing on video. If you can afford it include a lawyer as a witness. Another possible idea is to only accept consent if she rings 10 friends and tells them of her consent for you to have sex.  Intelligence is also another possibility. If she has any embarrassing secrets  you can let her know your knowledge of these “rumours” afterwards promising to keep a lid on these rumours you have heard. Remember your education, career and life could be destroyed by a hysteric making a false accusation about a sex act which was not rape. For example a “Christian” girl may have a past which is not consistent with her religious beliefs. Or she may have paid for someone else to write her essay. NOTE: this option must ONLY be exercised AFTER the act to avoid ANY suggestion of blackmail before consent was granted and the information must be of a type that is not easily known but is verifiable.The entire episode from request, consent, act and offer to keep the lid on a secret should be videoed to ensure no misunderstanding of the order of events.

If you want to blackmail anyone into having sex, man, woman or other then you are a cud and I want to know nothing of you. That is virtual rape and you deserve everything you risk getting. This advice is not for you. This is about covering your innocent arse, not about stealing someone’s else’s.

That said remember what Sun Tzu said. “If you know yourself but not your enemy then you will prevail in some battles and lose others. If you know nether yourself nor your enemy then you will never prevail and will always lose but if you know yourself and your enemy you will prevail always.” In short never sleep with a stranger. You can not trust consent from a stranger and you can not have any useful intelligence on them either. Always know your sexual bedmate. Know the guy from whom you will buy a second hand car.

With the above there is the risk of a 100% withdrawal of initial consent but you must be prepared to wear that scenario and live with it. A resolution made with the big head is worthless if the little head is allowed to overrule it. In the event you have been saved.


I can not be bothered to do the above. I like to keep life simple. The most simple is celibacy or vocel (voluntary celibacy. Vocel is the safest response to legal danger and it’s the way I choose. I prefer sex for which planning for war is not necessary but alas those days are over. I would prefer to be able to lose my head in love but alas that is fraught with danger. Rather then prepare for war for riches I prefer to live in peace without those riches. That’s just me.