Cui Bono or Who Benefits

Feminism is a great panic among others in today’s world. The issue of sexual abuse, rape and rape culture and domestic violence is owned and owned exclusively by feminists. This has had the effect of escalating claims and a neglect of scientific technique. Just like the witch trials of old this facilitates hysteria accompanied with more than just a little bit of “getting your own back” and opportunity for commercial gain.  See my post on Federick von Spee. See

The effect of the misinformation, fabricated statistics and advocacy research has been and continues to be making all women fearful of all men and all men self loathing and guilt prone. A Hobbsian war of all on all. Division and conquest. The question then is cui bono or who benefits? To whose benefit is it for everyone to be fighting and fearing everyone else? Who could benefit? Maybe the theorists, and gender class tutors? Authors? Or the one percent. There is a concordance between the rise of second wave feminism in the 70s and the rising inequality of wealth in the same time period. Everyone has instead been too busy chasing phantom enemies to notice the real villains of the peace. There is also the strange fact that Gloria Steinem was working for the CIA and no one ever really leaves the CIA. See

This is a tempting narrative but using Ockams Razor I believe incompetence and serendipity are more likely explanations for what looks like a conspiracy. In the same way that the inquisitors of the witch hunts did not start off thinking of a way to siphon off assets from the estates of the accused but recognised a gravy train once it was in motion such that opportunist mercantilism allied itself with petty jealousies and discontents to become part of a mania with an independent life of its own to fulfill both mercantile yearnings and emotional needs.

Now that society has fallen into this Hobbsian war of all on all it has taken on an inertia of its own and will certainly have unintended consequences such as the original feminists may not have foreseen or really liked.

Of all the feminist issues in recent years none has me more worried than the “rape culture” hysteria which I fear will end in tears. I fear that a repertoire of deep biological instincts have been touched such that external social addressing of overt concerns will result in shifting goal posts to restore the same level of fear; the expression of fear rather then problem resolution being the important driver.